About Chris Bigelow

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About Me

As you may have already guessed, my name is Chris Bigelow. I am a Web Developer, Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur, Foodie, Gear Head and Streetwear Collector. I have been working for myself online since 1995 making my full time living developing successful internet businesses for my company Silicon Digital Industries and for the clients of my web development firm Monster Development.

I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and have lived all over the US and even Canada for a while when I was younger spending a lot of time in California and Florida. I currently live in the Seattle, WA area with my beautiful wife Jennifer.

We love to spend time together, try new exciting adventures and when we get time we enjoy traveling around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


  • building affiliate marketing websites
  • ecommerce web design
  • download or ebook sales website development
  • membership website creation
  • email marketing / marketing automation
  • iPhone / iPad / Android app creation
  • how to use auto responders successfully
  • using RSS to distribute content globally from one single source
  • payment gateways
  • telephony tools / VOIP systems for businesses of all sizes
  • affiliate marketing tools and systems
  • developing link directories: free, pay per click and other models
  • working with CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others
  • easy website template creation
  • best plugins and tools to enhance your web browser and make it a better tool
  • top video tools for creating video and distributing it online
  • software to automate and provision web servers for starting your own web hosting business
  • dating website setup
  • the best turnkey white label reseller programs that you are allowed to rebrand and sell amazing products
  • social networking and social network marketing
  • advertising online and the best places to purchase quality traffic
  • how to get qualified leads fast and how to manage them
  • client management systems and managing your customer or client interactions
  • domain names, web hosting and dedicated web server setup tutorials
  • search engine marketing and gaining free traffic through organic search results
  • product fulfillment options to get your product delivery automated
  • setup and start your own clothing line fast
  • where to get products to sell online
  • and so much more!


I hope to help you learn how to develop your own profitable internet business or personal brand, enhance your brick and mortar business if you have one and to reach a larger audience utilizing the latest technologies available. Please subscribe to my newsletter and I promise never to share your email with anyone, I hate spam too. I do promise to help you do business online and provide you excellent, relevant information that will help you develop a successful business online.


One last thing… this has to be said, so I will say it in the most plain way I know how to say it.

In my job as a website developer, web hosting service provider, blogger and affiliate marketer, I use many different tools and services. Many or even most of which have affiliate programs that I join and then when I review these products on my blog and through video reviews, many times, at least as often as possible I do include an affiliate link, so I can make a few dollars on the sale of the item I am promoting if you agree with me that it is as cool as I think it is and you decide to buy it. I will do my best to review products as thoroughly as I can before mentioning them here on my blog and I urge you to do your own research on any product or service that I recommend. At the time I post a recommendation on my website about a product or service, I may or may not have actually had first hand experience with the product but may know or be familiar with it’s usefulness through working with other developers and other online marketers around the world and through my own online research. If I find a product or tool that I am able to link to with an affiliate code, then I most certainly will. This is good for me as I get paid for my hard work writing about the tools and services I come across, and for sharing my many years of online knowledge. It is good for you because you get to learn about all of these neat tools and if you do end up buying anything you learn about on my website, you are helping me to continue helping you!

Also, in addition to marketing affiliated products and services on my blog I also promote and link to the product and service websites owned directly by my company Silicon Digital Industries, Inc.

Ok, now that you have read all that and you understand that I promote stuff on my blog, I hope you will give me the honor of helping you build or grow your own profitable online business!

Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about me!

Chris Bigelow

Start building your own profitable online business empire Signup for my FREE Top 10 Power Moves training now.